Car rental in Santorini

Well what are  the things to  consider  when you would like to rent a car in Santorini. Let us note  that Santorini is one of the best destinations in the world and that it offers a lot of touring options and has a great number of sightseeing.

Again as in all Greece the bus system is far less that perfect so renting a car is a nice option. I would also like to say at this point that I always blame the bus system in Greece. Well there are a few exceptions to this rule. The poor rate is for  urban busses. There  is an excelllent bus system in Greece which is called Ktel and it works on time and with modern busses that  even have wifi on. These busses connect cities and operate in mainland Greece. You may hear ktel being also referred to in urban busses but it is not the same. So if you ever want to travel mainland Greece do use Ktel between cities unless you have a lot of travelling to do. Coming up to our subject again whan you come to a Greek island like Santorini where the bus service is existent but poor , it is a wise option to rent a car. I know what you are thinking now, why not rent a scooter, it is cheaper and easier, well we have talked about that in the post renting a car in Mikonos, you can check it out. Having said that, if you visit santorini by ferry, after you get off the ferry there are plenty of car rental offices by the port, off course we always advise book in advance but it is your choice to do so or not. Another place where  you can rent your car is Fira  the capital which  is distanced a few kilometers or miles if you prefer from the port but you will find alot of options there. Finally if you come to the island by plane, there are a few offices in tthe airport where you can rent a car but if you like more options do go to  Fira  and choose they are all in the town center and you can find a lot just by walking a few blocks.

Places to rent your car in Santorini

Renting a car in Mikonos


Although most people in Mykonos rent small scooters and drive around the island on these, I would stongly recomment against  doing so, the scooters are very dangerous, the roads have bad visibility and are  crooedded sometimes, and drivers are careless. It is thereforevery dangerous to rent a scooter in mikonos, there is also another  problem, the wind. Mikonos is a very windy island, if in anycase you happen to experience a windy day  , it is impossiblle to drive a scooter because of the strong wind. Another factor that  is worth considering is the hot weather, driving even in a small but  airconditioned car is much much more preferable that travelling under the hot sun and becoming dehydraded. So having that in mind you can proceed and rent any car you want as long as it is a car of course. We have talked about which things to consider in a previous post. Ok you have the downside  of parking but it is not  perfect world, also think again of safety when you will ahve too face all those drunk drivers on a scoooter at night. It is not a big island I know and you can get it around easily but the factors I have entioned earlier should have persuaded you buy now to  book a car. You may also be thinking right now, aha , what about public transport? Well there is always that option if you are uptothe task, but  bear in mind that bus schedules in Greece althought existable (haha) are not very frequent and are far from perfect, busses arenot bad , do not think of India , nothing like that , but the car option is far more flexiblle , specially in places with less that perfect bus schedules.
bus pics in Greek islands

Places in which you might rent your car in Mikonos could be



Tomaso rent a car in Mikonos

Car rental tips

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1.Always plan ahead don’t expect to land on a foreign airport and find everything at the price you expect. Research online weeks or months ahead in order to now what the prices are and then go ahead and boom your car
2. Think on the option of returning the car either with a full or empty tank. It is best to tale the option to return the car with a full tank because it is unlikely that you will use the whole tank so top up the tank regularly and choose the option of returning the car with a full tank.
3.Check the car to see if there is any damage prior to taking it. If there is any damage take pictures of it prior to taking the car. The date and time stamp will helpyou prove that the damage was not made by you.
4. Make a pre driving check in order to know all the car controls before hand.
5.If you are renting a car in Europe check that the company is a member of European car rental conciliation service scheme (ECRCS).

6. It is also my advice that although it is more expensive at times , it can be major hassle saving if you prefer to book from large and reputable companies instead of small car rental providers.
7.Choose the car wisely according to your needs , if you have lots of baggage you must take a big car in order to have all the available space needed, if you don’t need much space rent a small car , that will also be economic to drive around. If you 4 people always take a medium to big sized car because it will be very tiring to hire a small car, the cost wont be much because it will be split by 4, if you are a family , think that it iis best to pay a bit more and have your loved ones travel in comfort.